“My husband and I have fostered through the Debra Corn Agency for almost 16 years. Over the years we have fostered 39 children of all ages, and have adopted six of those children (from three different cases). We are very satisfied and highly recommend the Agency. Their staff is available 24/7 and advocates for the children placed in their homes. The support they offer is superb, and it is comforting to know that, should we need anything, help is just a phone call away.”

Mike & Cindy Ziebell

“We saw that there was such a need for foster homes. With two of the kids we fostered and adopted, we were told they would never be able to function in society and they are both successful. Some of the kids we first fostered still refer to us as Mom and Dad and call us frequently. We’ve worked with Debra Corn for years and the experience has always been positive. Debra Corn Foster Care is like a family. We have a really good support system through them.”

Paula Wilkerson

“Working with Debra Corn Foster Care has been a great experience. They have a good support system, for sure, and their educational sessions are informative and helpful. Their communication is also great, which I love. Everyone at Debra Corn Foster Care is very understanding and compassionate, so when we’re dealing with a situation, they’re good about talking us through it and problem solving.

Most of the kids we’ve had have been under 4 years old and the Debra Corn team has always been very interactive, understanding, and engaging toward the kids. We say that foster kids come into the “Coleman Coop” and we just make sure they’re loved and safe. For me, the best thing is watching the kids get to go back home to their birth families in good, safe, happy situations.”

Krystal Coleman

“They say ‘It takes a village’, and Debra Corn Foster Care is ours. Throughout our 13 years as foster parents, we have been surrounded by love and support from every member of the Debra Corn team. From finding us clothing and furniture whenever we get a new placement to answering our phone calls for emotional support in the middle of the night, our caseworkers have always been available to provide us with the community resources and aid we need as we do our best to love our kids and their bio families. We’re so thankful for the support system we’ve found at Debra Corn Foster Care.”

Theresa McKimmy

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