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About Us:  Debra Corn Foster Care is a licensed child placing agency founded in 1985 for the purpose of prevention of institutionalization of children. Debra Corn Foster Care offers solutions for those children who don’t have a place to call home. To date Debra Corn Foster Care has served over 2,500 children and licensed over 1,000 therapeutic foster families in Indiana.


  • 24 hour a day 7 days a week availability to foster parents, the child in placement, and other agencies

  • Extensive support, free ongoing monthly training, and free yearly all-day workshops for foster parents and Debra Corn Foster Care staff

  • Attend all school conferences.

  • Individualized programming and treatment plans are developed for all children per state Case Plan

  • Coordination of all available and appropriate services on behalf of the child

  • Documentation by the Case Manager of all home visits, contacts, phone calls, and correspondence made and received in regard to the child

  • Attend Case Reviews and Court Hearing

  • Keep a “lifebook” for each child in placement

  • Provide suppport for Child and Family Team Meetings

  • Provide respite care as needed

  • Complete all billing


Levels of Care:


The Levels of care are:

  • Foster Care

  • Foster Care with Services

  • Therapuetic

  • Therapeutic plus



Adoption Services:


These services are available to:


  • Foster/Adopt families

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