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About Us:  Debra Corn Foster Care is a licensed child placing agency founded in 1985 for the purpose of prevention of institutionalization of children. Debra Corn Foster Care offers solutions for those children who don’t have a place to call home. To date Debra Corn Foster Care has served over 2,500 children and licensed over 1,000 therapeutic foster families in Indiana.

You Can:

  • Be married, single, or cohabitating

  • Rent or own your home

  • Live in an apartment, house, or mobile home

  • Be of any religious faith

  • Have your own biological children in the home

  • Have any educational background


You Must:

  • Be a resident of Indiana

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Have a source of income other than fostering

  • Complete 10 hours of pre-service training

  • Complete local and federal background checks

  • Provide DCFC with medical ...


In addition to these basic requirements, we are looking for these basic attributes that put the “special” into Debra Corn Foster Care therapeutic/specialized foster parents:   If you have…


  • The ability to create a safe and loving environment where trust and confidence can flourish.

  • Team oriented ideas with the ability to work as part of a cohesive unit to best determine a plan for each child.

  • Willingness to follow guidelines set forth by Debra Corn Foster Care and/or the state.

  • Flexibility in understanding children with various backgrounds, behaviors, and needs, and can adapt accordingly to manage the daily needs of each individual child.

  • Openness to incorporate new ideas and styles of the unique parenting practices necessary for special needs children.

  • Patience while working with children as they transition through the developmental milestones.

  • Determination to advocate for and support the needs and rights of all children to live in a safe, nurturing, family environment.


Then you can give a child a place to call home!


A per diem is paid for each day of fostering a child. All medical costs, counseling services, and book rental expenses are at no cost to the foster parents.


You’ve thought about it, now it’s time to act.


Download the Indiana Foster Family Guide.  


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